Breakfast Wraps

Written By: Kelli Gustafson

We are always reminded how important it is to have a good breakfast in the AM, but if you’re like me, then hitting snooze in the morning 5 times leaves you scrambling to get out the door! So here’s my solution: Breakfast Wraps! They freeze great (so you can do a big batch as a food-prep for the week), and all you need to do is microwave them for 2 minutes, throw them on the grill (or pan fry to get them crispy!)β€” WA-LA, breakfast!

Breakfast Wraps:


  • 6-7 Tortillas
  • 6-7 Eggs (Scrambled)
  • 1 cup Cheese (Grated)
  • 2-3 cups Hashbrowns
  • Red Pepper (Cut into strips)
  • Other options: Ham, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, etc!


  1. Start with pan frying Β hashbrowns so they’re sure to get nice and crispy! (Hint: try adding a bit of bacon grease for extra flavour!)
  2. Cut-up bacon and fry (or ham)
  3. Scramble those eggs! I like to add the cheese into the eggs, but you can also just put the cheese on the tortilla separately
  4. Cut red-pepper into strips
  5. Make yourself a little assembly-line by laying out the tortillas and distribute ingredients amongst them (try to place it in the centre of the tortillas)
  6. Roll-up tortillas:Β Start by tucking-in the two ends, fold the side closest to you over and roll tightly
  7. Store in ziplocks/cling-wrap in freezer
  8. Microwave for 2 minutes if coming directly from freezer
  9. Pan fry to crisp edges if desired (or grill)
  10. Serve with sour cream and salsa