Travel Hacks

Written By: Fanny Lau   Whether you’re headed on the trip of a lifetime or just a weekend trip away, a good travel hack always comes in hand to help you pack smart and effectively. I’ve experienced two extremes of the packing spectrum, like the time I packed a suitcase […]

The Dry Shampoo Diaries – Part II

The last series of The Dry Shampoo Diaries introduced three natural options to keep your hair spiffy clean. This time around, we have two new additions to the diaries.

Best Craft Beer in Edmonton

In celebration of women being the brainchild behind beer, we have dedicated our Craft Beer series so you can find the best brew in your area to cheers to our anc-isters!

“I Quit”

Quitting a job is never an easy decision. For one, it’s called “quitting.” How do you know if it’s the right decision?

The Dry Shampoo Diaries

Looking for something to keep your hair refreshed between shampoos? Dry shampoo might be your new best friend.