June 2016 – AJ of the Month

Written by: Fanny Lau


Who: Annabelle Loi
Nickname: Belle
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
3 Things she can’t live without: A good book, her camera, and her friends.

My friendship with Annabelle began at the very start of high school. We attended different schools, meeting through mutual friends, and hit it off pretty quickly. From the start of our friendship, we would engage in serious yet lighthearted debates, which is something that I have appreciated throughout the years. She challenges me in every sense and has happily taught me to stand up for myself in the form of sass.

AnnabelleLoi3When asked to describe herself, Annabelle considers herself a “brutally honest” person while those who know her best would describe her as a “really sassy, quirky, honest person”.

And it’s true. I can always count on Annabelle to tell me what she really thinks, even if it’s not what I want to hear. Regardless of the timezone difference between us, she’s there for me and ready to be as honest as she is to keep me as grounded as possible. She is a fiercely loyal friend who is the first to support whatever I choose to do and constantly reminds me that someone is proud of what I’m doing.

When asked to describe herself, Annabelle considers herself a “brutally honest” person

Having spent time living in the UK and now in Toronto, Annabelle reflects that living abroad and away from home has taught her to appreciate being alone and by herself, and to establish her independence as a person. She adds also that you learn “how strong you can be without your support system being there immediately for you. You’re stronger than you think.”

“You’re stronger than you think.”

Our friendship has been long-distance for most ofannabelle grad our post-high school lives, but Annabelle stumbled upon her interest in acting during one of her returns to Vancouver. Despite having a bad experience at the first acting school she attended, she realized her love of acting when it was taken away from her. After exploring her options, she ended up at Vancouver Acting School to refine her craft and managed to pursue her interest in acting while being a full-time student at Ryerson University.

Whatever the next step is in Annabelle’s career, I hope to be as supportive and proud of her as she has been of me.

Her advice to her 15 year old self?

“You don’t have to have it figured out right away, and nothing will ever go according to plan.”