Make-up Must-Knows: Part II

Written By: Autumn Bois

Here’s Part II for Make-up Must-Knows from our beauty guru, Autumn! If you haven’t seen Part I yet, check it out here.

1. Eyebrows– Get the perfect shape!

Shaping eyebrows can be a real kick in the heiney, but there are a few easy tips to follow when trying to get a good brow shape (could be done with eyebrow products as well). A good template for eyebrow shaping is to use your eye! The eyebrow should start near the front of your eye right by the bridge of your nose. If you need help lining it up for filling in, or if you’re just trying to clean them up with tweezers, take a pencil and place it on the outside of the ball of your nose to get the perfect placement. If you have an arch in your eyebrow, or want to start to shape one, another good tip to follow is to have it match up with the outer part of your iris. As for the tail, you can either have it going more straight then curved if you’d like, (whatever tickles your fancy) but if you’re not sure how far it should go, then just use your eye as a template again! Take a pencil and line it up with the bottom of your eye. The angle with which your eye is going should help you pin-point the end of where your tail should be. If you’re still not sure, try lining it up with your nostril and just play around until you find something you like.

2. Under Eyes– No more puffiness & dark circles!

Lack of sleep can sometimes make a really big impact on the under-eye for some of us, whether it’s bags or just the dark circles. To help relieve the swelling on your under-eyes, a good remedy is to put a couple spoons in the freezer and once they are cold, just to place them on those bad boys. Not only will it bring down some of the swelling, it will definitely be a little shock to help wake you up in the morning. For the dark circles, try and aim for a concealer with a pink or salmon undertone to it. The salmon/pink colour will help cancel out the blue under-eyes and help make you look more awake. Some companies like Bobbi Brown and Amazon even sell straight-up dark circle erasers to put under your concealer, if the concealer you’re using isn’t enough.

3. Under-Eyes Creasing

Another good tip for the under-eye after placing down your concealer, is to set it right away. This is to ensure that the concealer doesn’t crease throughout the day or settle into any fine lines. It’s a good idea to use a finely milled powder so that it’s not too heavy under the eyes. You can use a regular finely milled powder, or powder specific to setting and brightening the under-eye if you please. A few products you could use to brighten could be ELF Under Eye Loose Setting Powder or MAC Emphasize Pro Powder. For regular under-eye setting powders, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder or something similar works well.

4. Brush Care– Clean with Olive Oil & Dish soap!

I didn’t know this for almost the past two years, but you should regularly clean your makeup brushes (gross right?!). Not only is it important so that they are sanitized, but it also helps with makeup application when using them. When I heard how important it was so that you’re working with sanitary tools, I didn’t even know where to start! A technique I’ve heard from a few YouTube gurus, like Nicole Guerriero and Michelle Phan, is to clean them with a mixture of antibacterial dish soap and olive oil. The dish soap with kill any bacteria that may have procured in your brushes, and the olive oil will help to condition the bristles to prevent breakage and fallout. Just pour out a little bit of each onto a plate or Tupperware and swirl your brushes in the mixture, run it under warm water and swirl it in your hand, this not only rinses out the soap but it is washing out the makeup at the same time. Make sure all the soap is rinsed out and the water is gone, and lay them to dry on a towel or paper towel. Another good cleanser I have heard of for brush cleaning is Dr. Bronners soap! It’s a good idea to wash your brushes once a week, depending on how often you use them. You can also purchase some spray brush cleaners from Sephora or MAC to get you through the week until your next big cleaning or for times you just want to give a quick clean after each use.

5. Primers– Where do I even start?

Foundation application used to be as simple as just applying it straight to your face and possibly putting on a little bit of powder overtop to reduce shine. We are now continually surrounded by different products that are made to favour different skin types which can be a little overwhelming; primers being one of them. There are different colours, types, textures etc. and it is sometimes hard to figure out which one you should purchase. Sometimes primer colours can be super overwhelming, but they are tailored towards skin problems you may have or areas you may want to enhance. Green primers are good for people who have some redness or blemishes on their face that they want to cancel out before putting on foundation (there are green concealers as well). Sometimes you may find primers that are yellow, pink, blue etc. which work to enhance your particular undertone. Other types of primers you may find are ones that are mattifying, which are good for people with more oily skin or can even be used if you are into more of a matte face. Hydrating primers can be for people who lean more towards the drier side, and you can even combine the two types if you are someone with combination skin. There are also illuminating primers which are mostly just for people who want their skin to look like it’s glowing more naturally, or to have a more ‘dewy look’.

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