Make-up Must Knows: Part I

Written By: Autumn Bois

Who says Make-up isn’t art!? It can be a ton of fun, even if you’re planning on just staying home in your P.J.’s watching Netflix all day! If you enjoy learning new make-up tricks and techniques, you’ll love this post from AJ’s own beauty guru, Autumn! Here’s Part I of her Make-Up Must-Knows:

1. Neutral Eyeshadow Base
A big tip that has helped me to get my eyeshadow to blend well is to lay down a neutral skin colour eyeshadow after applying your primer. This is a technique that will really help to blend the eyeshadows you want to wear, and to prevent it from looking patchy and sticking to your eyelids in areas you may not want it to.



2. Blend with a Neutral Colour

Another good tip when it comes to eyeshadow blending is if you’re having a hard time really blending out those colours, use another neutral or skin coloured shadow (you could even go back into your transition colour that you placed in your crease) on your brush to blend out what you are having the most troubles with. This helps to diffuse the eyeshadow a bit and make it look less harsh.

3. Smokey Eyes- Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Sometimes when trying to do a smoky eye, it can be tough to blend out those colours as well because some may be so pigmented that it becomes too dark and too hard to smoke out. A technique you can use is to slowly add the colours you want to be dark and smoke them out with your blending brush as you go along. This may take a little longer to do, but it will ensure that the darker colours are blended well and do not look too harsh.

4. Winged Eyeliner How-To

  • Step 1: Follow the bottom part of your eye and draw the line towards the end of your eyebrow, making the line as thick or thin as you like.
  • Step 2: Connect a line from the top eyelid, following natural eyelash line, to the bottom line.
  • Step 3: Fill in! I’ve been doing winged eyeliner for as long as I can remember, and if someone had taught me this trick back then, it would have been a godsend! For winged eyeliner, all you have to do is follow the bottom part of your eye and draw the line towards your eyebrow. For us ladies who have slightly hooded eyes, you can go a little bit lower than your eye, just so it doesn’t get caught in the crease. A great liner I would recommend to learn the wing application is the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner.

5. Contouring

Know your colours! Contouring is a big trend that is happening right now in the makeup world and I know for myself, when it first started showing up on blogs and youtube channels, I didn’t know much about it. When it comes to contouring, an important thing is to get the right shades. Colours that are more orange or a warmer brown are good for warming up the skin and getting a sun-kissed look. However, for contouring, the colours you want to aim for are ones that have a cooler, or grey undertone to them. This will give a more shadowed look to the face in the areas you feel you want a bit more definition and dimension. Some of my favourites for contouring is: Benefit Hoola Bronzer (even comes with a little handy contouring brush, good for contouring and warmth), and NYX Taupe Blush.


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