May 2015 – AJ of the Month

Written by: Kelli Gustafson

Who: Kendra McCrea
Nickname: Ken or Kenny
Hometown: Port Moody, B.C.
Age: 22
3 Things she can’t live without: Her dog Tess, Milk Chocolate, and good company!

12694837_10153862102239029_5135824724872108754_o (1)Growing up in a tight-knit family, Kendra says her fondest memories were spent running around on outdoor adventures with her mom, dad, brother, and sister. Whether it was skiing, tubing on the lake, camping, or just playing board games, time with her family has always been her greatest pastime.

You know those types of people that make you feel bad? Maybe the ones that you meet at a coffee shop, and they might push, or shove, or say something rude? Now imagine the complete opposite of this… imagine meeting someone, and walking away feeling better than you did before meeting them—that’s Kendra! When you first meet Kendra, you can’t help but feel instantly comfortable. She has such a humbling presence, that it captivates everyone around her! (I imagine her family should also be given some credit for the awesome person Kendra has become).

When I first asked Kendra to be an Average Jil of the Month, she instantly asked, “Why me? I’m boring!” This was the exact reason why I wanted to do the ‘Average Jil of the Month’ posts—all these amazing young women can’t even see how incredible and inspiring they are! So why not feature them, instead of celebrities? These are the type of people we should look up to; they are real, unique, and beautiful in so many ways!

So besides her charismatic personality, what else makes Kendra so awesome? Well, for starters, she’s just been accepted into UBC’s Dental School, after a long, 7-year process of hard work and dedication.

K: “I’ve never been more proud of myself! […] Since I was fifteen years old, school has been my main focus in hopes that I would eventually get into dental school and become a dentist.”

Kendra’s intrigue into dentistry began when she had her braces off at age 14. After shadowing dentists, she says her “interest in the career only grew.” After attending SFU for the past 5 years majoring in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, with a minor in Psychology, Kendra has also spent her time working many jobs in restaurants, tutoring/mentoring ESL students, and even tree planting!

10644330_10153907470909029_2747998463813970435_oAs if she wasn’t already busy enough, Kendra has even managed to find time to volunteer for peer education and health
promotion programs, as well as some behaviour endocrinology lab work.

When asked who her biggest idol was, Kendra replied, “My sister. [She] is the most caring, genuine, and selfless person I know. She doesn’t focus her life on material things, she doesn’t talk badly of anyone, and she’s hella smart. She is so well put together and has her life completely sorted out, but still welcomes change and new experiences. I am so proud of her.”

We also asked Kendra what kind of advice she would give her 15-year-old self if she could, and her answer was, “I would tell her to stop doubting herself, and that she was going to make it. I would tell her to think about and do more for others, especially those that go out of their way for her. That she was going to lose the ones closest to her, but that she will grow up and be better from it. That she was going to have the best friends that anyone could ask for, and a boyfriend who makes her feel like a million bucks. Fifteen year old me would need a lot more advice than that, but I think I turned out okay.”

So, let’s face it Kendra, you’re not so boring after all 😉