Who is Jil?

Written By: Kelli Gustafson

I wanted to write something explaining a bit behind the name Average Jil. Of course, it is a play on the name ‘Average Joe’, and coincides with the idea of focusing on “average”, or rather, REAL women, and not celebrities or exaggerated versions of what we often find of women in magazines. But the name ‘Jil’ also came from a very inspiring person I met in High School, named Jiliane.

So, who is Jil?

Jil is someone I met in High School. She is far from average in my eyes—an inspiration to me, and many others. Jiliane was never seen roaming those halls without a smile on her face! She is the true definition of kind, and never says a mean word about anyone. She was a friend to everyone she came across in High School, and still is today (I’m sure!). Although I have not seen Jil in many years, she still inspires me to this day. I dedicate this project, Average Jil, to her!

It is women like Jil that have inspired me to create this project. I want Average Jil to act as a support for young women to feel empowered, and to understand that the problems they are facing, especially in high school, are “normal”. Jil acted as my mentor in High School, even though we are the same age, and she helped to support me and make me feel like the problems I had were normal or ‘average’, and were never anything to be ashamed of. Surrounded by magazines and images that made me feel insecure at the time, Jil helped me build my confidence and find the strength and determination to become the strong and self-confident woman I am today! Even today, I still look up to Jil!

So whether it is an unusual health question, anxieties about school, or just some cool tips on DIY projects, Average Jil has got you covered! We want to be your ‘Jil’ from High School—the girl that makes you realize that no matter who you are, you are beautiful, strong, and just purely awesome!